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Recent Artery Conversations

SPEP/IFE Questions

Seeking assistance from those who oversee SPEP/UPEP/IFE service:

1. About how many samples do you run by SPEP/UPEP each weekday on average?

2. About how many samples do you run by IFE each weekday on average?

3. Can clinicians on the floor order an IFE directly in the EMR, or only an SPEP/UPEP with reflex? - To clarify this, I mean can they order something that will always have an IFE run, be it IFE alone or in combination with an SPEP or UPEP.

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On Writing a Review Article

Looking for sources and references on writing great review articles!

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Dilutions - To Infinity and Beyond?

Personally, I think dilutions are an interesting area within our field and can be highly variable among institutions. Now I know we are bounded by our analytical measurement range and could evaluate the extended measuring interval for an assay through dilution, especially for clinical reasons. However, the more I ask about dilutions within the field, the more I see/read the different approaches. For example, I've seen colleagues "dilute to answer" and others who cap their dilutions with analytical precision and TAE to guide reporting of results. I've also heard from our peds-onc group that "[they] do not care if there is bias in the result, I just need a number to trend." I'm curious if others would share how they approach dilutions. Are there some such as IgM that you cap due to specimen viscosity issues?

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