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Quality Control Practices

CLIA requirements for moderate/high complexity assays are at least two levels of control materials each day of testing (a run cannot exceed 24 hours) with record keeping; however, everybody's practice with respect to "automated chemistry" differs from the least stringent to the most stringent. I would like to survey users in terms of their individual QC strategies i.e. how many levels, how often and how frequently. I have arbitrarily divided responses into three categories (see below)
Assays run every shift
Assays run once per day. Thank you for your cooperation and contribution!

Normal values

Today the population of US is much more diverse than in the 1960's. With an influx of various ethnic groups, cultures and changes in dietary patterns, has anyone or a group looked into the normal values for common analytes such as Glucose? As an Asian -American of Indian origin, I sometimes wonder, if the normal values apply to my blood glucose estimation,  knowing that Insulin Resistance is significantly high in the Indian diaspora and that dietary habits of Indians living in US are significantly different than those of Indian living in India. If some one can point to research or publications that will be great.


Arterians, could you chime in on the type (manufacturer) of QC you use for ACTH and why?Reply online